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I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still purchase a chart?

Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can make a purchase using any credit card. Follow the instructions below:

After you select a chart:

  1. Select: Checkout
  2. After you fill in your information select: Proceed to PayPal
  3. You will be taken to: Choose a way to pay
  4. If you don’t have a PayPal account, look underneath the login button you will see the line: Pay with an online bank account, debit, or credit card, or PayPal credit
  5. Select that line
  6. You will be taken to a page that has 4 tabs in the center of the page.
  7. select the tab: Debit or Credit Card
  8. Enter your card information
  9. Select: Pay
  10. You will receive an email with the file attached
  11. The email will state: Your 3-2 Music Publishing order from (date of purchase) is complete – download your file
  12. In the second column down you will see a small Download with the title of the song you purchased. Click on the Title and download the song.
  13. WAIT!! don’t just hit save. If you didn’t select a folder to save it in you may have a hard time finding it. Select the location to put the downloaded chart in. Or go to your “Downloads” folder and check in there if you already hit “download”. Or it could be in the last folder you saved in.
How long does it take to get an order?

DOWNLOAD ONLY orders will be in you email box within minutes. If you don’t see it look in you spam or junk folder in case your virus program marked it as spam.

Hard copies
If you ship priority it will take about a week depending on the amount of orders that come in that day. At best it takes 3 days. Overnight and priority shipping takes a day to process. For example, if you order on Wednesday your order will go out Thursday. The U.S. postal service cannot guarantee overnight shipping if your post office is not a site that directly accepts overnight services. Your order will go to the main branch first.

I submitted an order but why did I not get an e-mail confirmation or receipt?

Check your spam or junk mail file. Sometimes attachments are flagged as spam. If you are ordering for a school, it could be blocked by the school’s firewall. You might consider adding you personal email to the “comments” box when you check out just in case it gets blocked by your school.

How can I get a recording of the songs that I purchase?

If Three-Two Music does not have the CD available try the website, keyword “All Music Guide”. Most searches on that site will result in successful results. It will tell you where you can order the CD. We cannot send out mp3 files or copy CDs because it is illegal.
You can also find complete recordings on YouTube. Please call (559) 645-7042 for special arrangements.

Are the arrangements transcriptions of recordings or original transcriptions from the composer?

Most of the arrangements are from the writers themselves, either by hand or as Sebelius or Finale files. If by hand then they were transferred into Finale.

Are the piano parts written out or just chord changes?

Three-Two Music is making an effort to have piano parts completely detailed. Many of the arrangements are already detailed. We are revising charts a little at a time so that inexperienced players can see how montuno patterns are performed. If you have a question regarding a particular song email us at

If my SINGLE order is $400 I get a free chart, which chart do I qualify for?

Any single order of $400 (not including shipping) qualifies you for ANY chart in our catalog. If you order is $800 (not including shipping) you will get 2 free charts. A billion dollar order…well you get the picture.

Can I get a free chart if I order $400 worth of music in several different orders?

You get a free chart if a SINGLE order is $400 or more.

My order is $399.99 and the shipping and taxes get me above $400. Does that qualify me for a free chart?

Only SINGLE orders over $400 NOT including taxes and shipping qualify for a free chart.

Can you send the Finale or Sebelius file?

It is not our policy to send original files since we have paid for the work to create those files.

Do you take school purchase orders?

If you are affiliated with any school district we accept purchase orders. You can fax the purchase order to (559)645-7045 or you can email a PDF of the purchase order to

What are your terms for vendors?

Email us at for the latest terms and prices for retailers.

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